Contractor fixing a unit

Zach in front of HVAC Experts

Zach in front of HVAC Experts

Who Is Zach?

Zachary Gesch is a service technician for HVAC Experts in Odessa Texas. Zach specializes in installation, service, repair, and customer service. This technician takes pride in every job he performs. He also enjoys seeing a smile on every customers face. Mr. Gesch says his favorite part of his job is repairing a failing AC on a hot summer day. In addition to that, he has an outstanding personality, from comedy to a professional outlook when he is in the field.

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Zach’s Hobbies

While he was in high school, he placed in the final competition for Auto-mechanics in Corpus Christi, TX. Zach has many hobbies. One of his favorite is walking his playful dog, Roadie. Zachary also enjoys spending his free time working on his 1992
IROC Camaro and his 2008 Chevy Silverado. Another interesting fact about Zach is that he has a very athletic perspective. For example: when he’s not working he is snowmobiling, bike-riding, camping, scuba-diving, and mountain climbing. Finally, when he has time to kill he plays guitar and spends quality time with his friends.

Help Us Celebrate Zach!

We are excited to announce that he is one of our highest-ranking field and service technicians in customer service for HVAC Experts. Zach is an important part of our HVAC EXPERTS family.

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