Many homeowners like to maintain their HVAC systems themselves, wanna know how? You can read here about how they can get the most out of their HVAC and AC systems without needlessly calling over the experts.

Here are some HVAC maintenance tips that you can use.

Cleaning the condenser and compressor (External unit)

The condenser is one of the most crutial parts of the HVAC system, and you need to keep an eye on it for errors and setbacks. The condenser is usually found outside, but some types can also be located in the attic or garage. It typically has copper tubing, which are occasionally covered by a layer of foam, running from it to your home. It works by the course of heat transfer, cooling the air blown inside and drawing warm air out from inside the house. You need to run a normal HVAC service schedule to keep it in its best condition.

Step 1 – Turn off the Unit

You need to ensure that power is not surging through the unit when you are going to clean it. You can do this  either by extracting the block/breaker or by turnin the switch to the off position.

Step 2 – Clear areas and debris around the system

The condenser fins are where most of the debris will get stuck, and you need to cautiously clean thi. Also, you could use a rough paint brush to clear the debris that is easy to remove. After this, you can clean the harder to reach debris with your brush attachment and vacuum cleaner. You also need to keep the area surrounding the condenser free from objects at least a 2 foot radius around the system.

Step 3 – Straighten and Clean the HVAC fins

Often, fins accumulate a lot of dirt, which is not easily removed with a brush. Instead, try using a butter knife to effectively scrape any stuck debris between the fins, and to fix any fins that are bent.

Step 4 – Disinfecting the Condenser Fan

This is also an area where a lot of debris and dust can build over time and it should be cleaned often. The most effortless way to get it done is by wiping it down with a moist cloth and then letting it dry in the sun.

Step 5 – Cleaning fins all the way through

The simplest method to clear the fins is by spraying water with a garden hose equipped with a hose nozel. This eliminates a lot of dirt that may not have been cleared with earlier methods. You need to make sure that you don’t get water on the fan motor. If your fan motor doesn’t come with sealed bearings, then you can check your fans lubrication as well. A few drops of electric motor oil should do nicely.

If you think you can’t clean your outdoor unit yourself don’t be shy to give us a call over here at HVAC Experts after all, why call anyone else? When you can call the experts?

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