Preventative Maintenance to Kick Off Your Summer 

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Regular maintenance is something that you shouldn’t put off and this is especially true when you consider HVAC systems. There are so many things that need to be up kept throughout the year so when the time comes, and you need to turn your AC on it’ll actually turn on. This is because while they are structurally robust, some of their internal calibrations are sensitive to external conditions. You don’t want to be stuck without air conditioning, especially here in this West Texas heat!

You might ask yourself, “Why do I need to even mess with my air conditioner? Nothing happens it just blows air.” WRONG. Just like a car needs a tune up every so often, or an oil change, your AC unit needs routine maintenance.

Another factor is the running time – a typical HVAC system works around an extended operational schedule. This means you can’t turn it completely off and turn it on in another six months. Chances are, with it being stagnant over a long period of time, it won’t function to its full potential.

There are significant benefits to be gained when you carry out preventative maintenance on your HVAC systems. The fact is that regular and preventative HVAC maintenance can save you from much more costly repairs later. Wouldn’t you rather spend $125 dollars to fix something minor rather than waiting too long and having to replace an entire unit? I sure would because it’s less money out of your pocket in the long run.

The newest and most innovative preventative maintenance on the market is installing a UV light and a clean air neutralizer. Here at HVAC Experts we are always looking for new ways to bring more efficiency to your Air conditioning unit.

UV Light

Here at HVAC Experts we have a unique way of purifying your air. No, it’s not an air purifier. It’s an HVAC UV light that we install inside your unit. This light kills all of the viruses,bacteria and harmful germs that are in the air. It also kills mold spores and dander that can be hiding in the nooks and crannies of your unit. It’s important to get all of these things out in your filter because your ac unit blows the air all throughout your house. And if all of the air in your house is contaminated, then it’s not very good for your health. This UV light not only protects your house and keeps the bacteria at bay, but it’s good for YOU. It reduces sickness (which comes in handy around Flu season). Customers who have switched to having this in their home have noticed an increase in freshness in the air. Meaning no more muggy and stuffy air!

Two Coil comparison

Pictured above is an example of how this UV light can drastically change your unit. The coils on the left are contaminated whereas the coils on the right have been erased of all mold. Would YOU want to be breathing the air produced by the left? Or would you rather breathe fresh air that won’t harm you?

Clean Air Neutralizer

Ever turn your AC unit on after it being off all winter and it has an odd smell? CleanAir’s neutralizing properties give you fresh air that you want to breathe. It comes in a few fresh scents and when placed into your unit it instantly refreshes the air. It gets stubborn smells out. Pet owners love it. Simply have us install it into your air ducts and this professional neutralizer will have your air feeling great.

ClenAir product buckets

This product is packaged for easy installation and clean up.

Let’s take a look at more benefits that preventative maintenance of your HVAC systems can offer when you’re starting up for the summer:

Cheaper repair bills

Trust us when we say that HVAC repair bills can get quite expensive if you neglect it till the day it breaks down. And unlike your car, you don’t have an alternative when your own home gets too hot or cold! You’ll find that your repair bills are minimal when you follow scheduled maintenance cycles. You can detect some problems by keeping an ear open to the sounds your HVAC system produces. If there are strange noises from the HVAC system then you might need to call an HVAC service.

Save $$ on utility bills

Regular maintenance means that you’ll end up saving money on utility bills. This is because when you maintain your HVAC system, it becomes more efficient at keeping your house at a specified temperature. This results in lower energy bills as the system is not using as much energy as it was before being cleaned.

Air Filters

Dirty filters can effect cooling/ heating and cause permanent damage. Filters typically can cost $8-$60 each. It DOES NOT matter how much you spend on them, they all do the same thing. How do you know if it’s dirty? If you hold it up and you can see through it, it’s still good. But if it’s not, then it’s definitely time for a new one.  It sounds simple but it’s often overlooked because of this. It takes less that two minutes and is easy enough for anyone to do.  If your filter gets dirty it can lead to a dirty evaporator coil.


Your outside coils get dirty so, to fix this you can use a water hose to shower them off. Go in a vertical motion but be careful not to cause damage to them. You can damage them by getting to close and bending them. We suggest hosing it off without the spray nozzle. This should be done once a month. These coils need to breathe to allow airflow through them. These coils remove heat from your home. Removing this heat can cause it to be more energy efficient since it is not overworking to compensate for being dirty. Without an outlet or anywhere to go the heat could get trapped and ruin your system if not cleaned. Evaporator coils can cost thousands to fix.

Cleaning a coil with a hose

Usually we prefer you not to use a hose attachment, but if you must, stay at least a foot away from the coil itself to avoid damage. Here is a photo of an example of this.

Let’s Think

So there are times when people completely neglect care for the HVAC system, and eventually you’ll be stuck with a non-starting HVAC system. What is worse is that it will become considerably more expensive if you want to get it up and running. Regular HVAC service can make sure that your HVAC system does not breakdown. When it comes to HVAC systems like air conditioners and furnaces, they last a lot longer when you maintain them at the proper intervals. Since these systems are interdependent on each other, if one system fails, you’ll notice that several other systems fail in a domino effect. This makes it important to take care of all the systems at regular intervals. An important part of maintenance is that it makes the equipment safe to operate. An air conditioner unit consumes a lot of power, and electrical faults can definitely cause fire hazards or worse – electrocution. Also, your furnace needs to be checked for structural integrity to ensure there are no issues that could negatively affect your air quality. Periodic checking by a professional of your electrical lines and structural integrity of your HVAC components should prevent any of this from happening.

Make Your Life Easier!

Let’s face it, most of us are indoors far more than we are outdoors. Using these tips can help lower your monthly energy costs. These simple steps can prevent you from having to buy a completely new HVAC system. A brand new system is a large investment and if you chose to have preventative maintenance you can make that investment last longer. You also reduce emergency repair bills. Emergency HVAC visits are almost always more expensive than regular preventative maintenance visits. So you will save money, and your HVAC system will always be running. A properly maintained system can last a very long time.

AC unit with money flying above it

Use preventative maintenance to spend your money where YOU WANT to, not where you need to.

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