Pamper Your HVAC Unit with our Health and Wellness Plan

Insurance has been a thing that everyone gets. You get it for your house, your car, even for your life. Have you ever thought of insuring your HVAC unit? What if by getting a Health and Wellness plan, you could ensure that your air conditioner would run efficiently, save energy and be more cost efficient? We all want the best for our families, this is an opportunity to have that. Especially here in West Texas, I bet we can agree that we all need some cleaner air.

Our Health and Wellness plan is a four year program in which we take care of your HVAC unit. We reduce the future costs and help avoid breakdowns. In order to have the most efficiency out of your unit, it’d best to upkeep it before it’s too late. We not only want to improve your quality of air, but your quality of life. No more breathing toxic air! UV lights have been used in the medical field for sterilizing tools and water. Ultra Violet lights can kill all of these germs off of medical equipment, but what can they do for you? Well, with our new plan we can bring you fresh and clean air. HVAC units circulate most of the air that we breathe in our lifetimes because, on average we spend over 90% of our lives indoors. Would you eat a piece of fruit that came from a fridge with mold in it? Of course not! If you’ve ever thought that cleaning your HVAC unit would be too hard, then we’ve made it easy for you! Let us do the hard stuff, all you have to do is call us.

Above shows just how effective this UV light treatment is in killing mold and bacteria.

What can this Health and Wellness Plan do for me?

With this four year plan we ensure that what we do is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Now you don’t have to worry about about cleaning your HVAC unit. This plan kills bacteria, mold, and allergens that can be circulated through the air systems. This also maintains an equilibrium in your system and keeps your coil cleaner. No more mold spores, cold, and flu particles festering in your house. Pet owners, those with severe allergies, and those who just want a fresh home, this plan is perfect for you!

Benefits of this Plan

Routine maintenance on your HVAC system will keep your unit one step ahead of the game.You’ll get a checkup at the start of the summer and one in the beginning of winter, over the span of four years. You don’t want to get caught in the middle of winter with no heater, and you don’t want to spend your summer without AC. Our experts will be able to look for anything that could turn into an issue or find something that already is. This will prolong the life of your unit and enhance its performance, therefore keeps your energy bill lower. Our diagnostic procedures indicate when a part is most likely or is going to fail. That way we can replace it before it becomes an even bigger issue.

  • Extend the life of your HVAC system- Purchasing a new complete HVAC system is a large investment ad if you choose to have preventative maintenance, you can make that investment last longer.
  • Lower your energy bills- When your HVAC technician comes to inspect your system they will ensure it is running efficiently. This will allow your system to not overcompensate and lower your utility bills.
  • Reduce emergency repair bills- Emergency HVAC visits are almost always more expensive than regular preventative maintenance visits. So you will save money and your HVAC system will always be running properly.

The Health and Wellness Plan Includes:

  • Two bi-annual maintenance checkups a year
  • Air filters for four years
  • Ultraviolet light treatment installation- the UV light system reduces the amount of mold spores, cold and flu viruses. It can give you a peace of mind that you’re breathing the best quality air possible. Those with pets, allergies and people who just want clean air, this is for you! We will also include a backup light.
  • A coil cleaning each visit- Coils remove heat from your home and prevent your compressor from overheating. When they’re dirty you have an increased chance of them reducing the airflow in your system. This causes them to overwork and use more energy. Cleaning a coil is a lot cheaper than having to replace one!
  • Cleaning of your clogged drains- Clogged drains can lead to fluid buildup in your home, causing costly water damage.
  • Lubrication of moving parts- Lubrication will reduce friction and the amount of electricity needed.
  • Tightening moving parts- Loose connections can be hazardous and cause your system to malfunction.
  • Checking capacitor functions- Capacitors can make or break a unit, if they don’t work the whole machine will not run.

Use preventative maintenance to spend your money where YOU WANT to, not where you need to when something goes wrong.

Pricing and Setup

This Health and Wellness plan comes for a low price of $24.95 a month with an initial startup fee. Just think about how much better your living space will be with this plan. Every part in your system works as a team, and when one part slacks off, it throws off the efficiency of your unit. You don’t want to wait and catch something when its too late, this can cause a lot more money out of your pocket. Here’s to a better life for you, your HVAC unit and your home!

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