R22 Phaseout, A Thing of the Past!

What if I told you that by January 1, of 2020, all importing and production of R22 will be illegal. DUN DUN DUN. Don’t worry, if your existing unit already runs on R22 (Freon) you can keep using it, but those who have an older unit that runs of this type of refrigerant are in for a headache when something happens and their unit isn’t working suddenly. You are not alone, this R22 phaseout will be affecting hundreds of thousands of people. We’ve got some solutions for you! Let’s talk a little bit more each solution.

What exactly is R22 refrigerant? 

This is an azeotropic substance that can be charged as a liquid or gas. The refrigerant absorbs heat from the air and creates cool refrigerated air as it passes through coils and other parts of your system. This specific type of refrigerant (R22) is a Hydro-chlorofluorocarbon. These are known for creating a worsening in our ozone and aiding to the Greenhouse effect. You can check out Rheem’s blog page and see how going green can help you and your home! Or check out our other blogs!

Repairing your R22 Unit. 

Repairs can be pricey, especially once your unit is older. If one thing goes out, typically then another, and another until it snowballs. Repairs can cost you anywhere from $71 to $1187 depending. This could be a good temporary fix until refrigerant is needed. Once we get to January 1, 2020, there will no longer be a production of it and sales will be illegal. This is going to make the price per pound go up significantly. Refrigerant will be scarce, so recycled and reused refrigerant could eventually become an option. Even then, it’ll still be quite pricey. For the price of a refrigerant leak repair you might pay the price of a down payment on an entire new system.

Why can’t I just use 410A in my unit? 

If your existing unit already runs on R410A, sure thing you can put more in it. But if your unit runs on R22 you CAN’T simply put R410A in there. The system parts aren’t compatible and the mixture of the two refrigerants could be very bad for your unit. This means that the next time you need a refrigerant related repair, you might want to think of replacing. Converting to a system that runs on R410A is more cost efficient and energy efficient. This type of refrigerant also isn’t harmful to the environment like its other competitors. R410A is the easiest on the environment out of the existing refrigerants. This is also referred to as Puron, which can reduce the risk of a compressor burnout.

Is replacement in your best interest?

If you go outside and see the panel on the side of your unit and see R22, you’re using a hazardous refrigerant that depletes the ozone. It could be time to replace. A unit that is old enough to have R22 is a unit that is just waiting to go out. Typically, units last anywhere from 8-10 years. Once this time is up is when things get pricey. Repairs can be done to your unit, but 9/10 that won’t be the last thing you do to your unit. So you’re essentially putting money into something that you’re eventually going to replace. We can help you find the unit that is right for you, your home and your wallet. Here at HVAC Experts we strive to make our customers feel well taken care of, so we do offer free estimates on replacement units AND financing! Our comfort advisers will listen to all of you concerns and create multiple options for you. You get the freedom to chose what will work for you! With GreenSky, we can offer you 12 months same as cash. Take a look at our Financing page here!