What Rheem Air Conditioners can do for you

Whether you’re in the market for a new air conditioning system or just simply wanting to repair your system we all look for some of the same qualities. New home owners and everyone just wanting to have a dependable unit for their family, this is for you. Tested, trusted and dependable air conditioning systems are what this brand gives. No one wants something cheaply made no matter what the object is. With Rheem, you get dependability you can count on. Because no one wants to be caught in the middle of a summer heatwave with an air conditioner giving out on you. 

SEER Ratings

So with air conditioners there is something called a SEER rating. This is simply, the higher the rating, the higher the efficiency of the Rheem’s SEER ratings can reach up to 19.5. that’s pretty high compared to its competitors. Rheem wants to ensure that their customers get the best bang for their buck. In doing this, they test their products in their SEET (System Extreme Environmental Testing). This testing puts them in extreme temperatures from -20° up to 130°. Dependably tested and always trusted in their testing. A lot of companies now want the most production in the fastest way possible. With this particular company though, they want to deliver quality no matter how long the production time. 

Comfort Level and Refrigerant

Have you ever been somewhere that has the loudest air conditioning ever? Rheem has decibel levels that can go between 65 and 70. This makes it quieter than other brands. So those of you who like a quiet home this is perfect for you. Older units typically run on R-22 refrigerant, also known as Freon. Rheem units actually run on 410-A refrigerant, or Puron. This type of refrigerant is more Eco-friendly. It doesn’t emit toxins that directly effect the greenhouse effect. Puron is the better of the two and has many benefits, whereas R-22 is being phased out- but that’s for another blog! Check out out here. 

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