IAQ Tips for Pet Owners

Those furry friends in your home aren’t just pets, they’re family. So let’s treat them like it. They share the same space as us and are at home more than us, so why not let them breathe easy? Most homeowners either have furry friends or some kind of household pet. While not all of these contribute to some allergies and  When we walk outside there are so may pollutants in the air we breathe and junk everywhere you turn to. Your home is a safe space for your family so why not try some tips to make it even better? We’ve gathered a few tips to improve things from your air to even your pet’s way of life.

Why worry about your IAQ? 

You might be wheezing and coughing for the moment you’re home, and then it goes away. Your health effects may show immediately, but sometimes the effects worsen over time. For example, an allergen to cats. Imagine being allergic to cats and continuously being exposed to them. over time, you are going to see worsening effects. Your IAQ can help improve your way of living. We’ve got some ways you can improve your air that you breathe. Because this is something that you shouldn’t need to worry about, but feel easy about.

Regularly Cleaning

Who are we to tell you to clean your home, right? But it is so easy to collect dust and dander in the places we overlook. Under the bed, above the wardrobe, in the corner that’s building cobwebs. A simple dusting, sweeping and mopping could help those with allergies. There are also some cleaning devices that could help you out with the load. There are now I robotic vacuums. They can be purchased on Amazon, Walmart, etc.. They are a bit pricey, but come in handy for those who are busy bees!

Proper Grooming

With weekly weekly baths you can make sure that not only your furry friends are clean, but your home/ office is too. Routine grooming is a great way for one to keep dander and extra hair out of sight. Be sure to de-shed as often as possible. Pet hair usually is a big reason for allergies and a lower IAQ.

IAQ Products 

Indoor air quality products are key components to ensuring clean air is being circulated through your space. There are dehumidifiers and our favorite, UV lights. The Reme Halo® is an innovative new UV system that not only improves the way you live but can also do some cleaning for you!  This innovative purifier also removes flu, mold, gas odors, and so much more! This product is also great for those with pets, children and allergies. It uses six technologies to remove all of these pollutants from the air you breathe. The first being PHI, PCO, Bi-polar, UV, Hydrophillic, and Cold Plasma. This in air handler system can actually kill mold, flu and allergens at the sight before it even leaves your air conditioner. Your air conditioner filters all of the air in your home, so as it passes through this Reme Halo® all of these things get filtered out before they get dispersed into the space.

Let’s Wrap it up 

At the end of the day, your home is your safe place. YOU know what is best for it. We are just here to help you with all we can! Let’s improve your IAQ and if you are interested in trying out our Reme Halo® give us a shout! you can give us a ring at 432-606-9787 or find us on Social Media. Thanks for reading, and breathe easy!