Why do you need to be a Diamond Club Member you may ask?

We pay Netflix every month, some of us even get a box of makeup every month from a subscription. Think of this as a subscription or an insurance for your HVAC system. This low fee every month brings in a safety net essentially. You get two free evaluations every year, priority scheduling, discounts on all parts and labor. Keep reading to see even more benefits!

Did you know

An investment in regular scheduled service pays off in:
  • Lower cost of operation
  • Extended system life
  • Improved comfort & reliability
  • Safe operation and peace of mind

FREE? Yes Free Bi-annual System performance Evaluations/ Tune-ups!

With our Diamond Club Membership you can receive two free bi-annual system evaluations and tune ups. One will be scheduled before Winter and the other Before the Summer heat comes! During this checkup, our expert technicians will do a thorough evaluation of your system ensuring that everything is running to its best potential. If the technician sees something that could turn into a problem, he will give you pricing on recommendations. We are different from your other HVAC companies in the fact that we not only give you one recommendation, but a good, better, best deal. That way you can be in control of what’s going on and have options for your HVAC.

Priority scheduling

Now this is one of the greatest values of the Diamond Club Membership. Imagine being in the heat of summer and your air conditioner breaks, and every single company is booked days-even weeks out! If you were a club member you wouldn’t be concerned. You get pushed ahead of everyone in line and get first pick. Don’t forget about all of the awesome discounts as well! For everything we find, you’ll get a special price that non-club members do not receive.

What’s in it for you?

Here’s just some of the benefits from our Diamond Club Membership

  • Bi-annual up to 82 Point System Performance Evaluations
  • Bi-annual Professional Cleaning and Tune Ups
  • Priority Scheduling
  • Discounts on all repairs (parts and labor)
  • NO additional emergency service charges for nights or weekends
  • One year guarantee on ALL repairs, parts, and labor
  • 100% money back guarantee

What will they do during your system performance evaluation & tune-up?

CHECK: compressor amps & volts, fan & blower motor, refrigerant levels, clean condenser coil and check A coil. Also, check the condensate drain pan, duct work, gas connections for leaks, furnace flame sensor, and more! Contact us now for inquiries on the low monthly fee, or how to get your HVAC set for success!