Hosting Thanksgiving this year? Help your guests feel at home with these few HVAC tips

I don’t know about you, but when we have guests over for the holidays, it can be pretty stressful getting the house into tip top shape. What do you prepare, how much of the house have you cleaned, the to do list goes on.

Imagine having a house full of guests, it’s Thanksgiving day and everyone is gathered around the table ready to eat! When all of a sudden the heater goes out. These things love to go out at the WORSE time ever, we can attest to this.

We’ve gathered a few essential tips you can do around your home to prepare around the holidays, so these horror stories don’t happen to you!

Tip 1: SMELL! No one wants their home to smell bad right? With our in system air freshener you can actually get your home smelling fresh from the source where all of your air comes out of. We offer a variety of smells that include fresh linen and Citrus. Air fresheners that you spray only target the particles that it touches. This one though, will have your entire home and duct system smelling fresher than a daisy.

Tip 2: Space Heater users, be careful! make sure that it is on a flat, level surface. Be sure that it has three feet of clearance and that the power cord is not torn or frayed in any way. If you have it plugged into an extension cord, immediately take it out and plug it into a wall outlet that has the capacity to power it. Also keep those children and pets away from it! Those kiddos get really curious when they see a bright red glowing light don’t they!

Tip 3: Cleaning the home can be timely, but a tip is to dust! If you get an older rag and dampen it it helps the dust from spreading. It’ll cling to it the rag and not spread the dust as a normal duster would. Another cleaning tip would be to look closely at your vents. These transfer all of the air into and from your home. You don’t want your clean air running through a dusty filter, especially here in West Texas! Dirt is everywhere here and it’s not the best thing to breathe in.

Tip 4: Filters. You’ve heard it a million times before and it is something that we overlook so much because of how simple it is. Odds are that if your filter looks like it’s about to grow legs and run away, it’s time to replace it! Help its efficiency out so that your unit is not overworking itself AND improve your indoor air quality.

Tip 5. Indoor air quality Products. If you’re hosting family, you probably have family members that have severe allergies and need special accommodations. I know that I’m that one cousin who sneezes the wall paper off the walls when a cat is near. Imagine you’re this cousin. What could you do to help them get along with your furry friends?

We have indoor air quality products that help out with not only dander, but with mold, flu and cold spores that could be flying around in your air. Reme Halo is our trusted friend that we install in homes with those who have pets, allergies, children and illness. This drastically improves their air quality and their way of life. Contact us to find out how we can hook YOU up with one!

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Happy Holidays and have a blessed Thanksgiving ya’ll!