Heater not working? Or you Simply don’t have Central Heating in your home? We’ve got some Tips & Tricks for you!

We all know a few tips and tricks when it comes to being without air conditioning, but what about heating? What is there to do to conserve heat in the dead of Winter? Keep reading to find some simple, smart and unconventional ways of keeping warm this Winter.

  • Curtains and Windows

Thin curtains can look nice yes, but they don’t really help when it comes to insulation in your home. Try some Blackout curtains. These are thicker so they act as an insulator and keep the warm air you do have in, and the cold out! (Where it belongs this season, not in your home!) Keeping them open when it’s sunny out and shut when it’s dark out helps too.

When was the last time you filled in the crack in your window seals? Take a look around your windows and even doors. If you see any sort of gaping fill it in with cocking. This really does make a world of differences depending on how many leaks you have in your home. Filling in the gaps will not only save your air, but it’s like putting a new coat of paint. it’ll be fresh and up to date.

  • Move that Couch! 

You might love that your favorite chair gets warmed every time the air conditioner kicks on, but what you’re not realizing is that your air is being restricted. The air that is warming up your favorite spot could be warming your entire living room but it can’t if something is on top of it. Imagine putting a lid halfway on your water bottle and you’re trying to drink some. You’ll get a lot more water out if you take the lid off completely, the same goes for that airflow your chair is covering. Even if it’s your tree or a side table that’s covering it, no matter the size it will inhibit your HVAC system from properly heating.

  • Reverse your Ceiling Fan Direction 

Reversing the direction the fan blows can cause a draft that brings hot air near your ceiling down to you. Hot air rises and when the blades in a fan are reversed, they can bring that hot air down. This method will keep your air warmer longer, thus allowing you to turn your thermostat down a bit. When you turn your power usage down, this in turn saves you MONEY! $$

  • Heated Blankets and Rugs 

Heated and weighted blankets helps tremendously! They even make chargeable hand warmers that you can carry around in your pocket. Rugs can also help insulate your space. Not only will it help with that, but it’ll keep your feet and furry friends warm as you walk.

  • Space Heaters

Space heaters are great alternatives to central heating. These little suckers can heat a room with much less power than it takes to heat an entire home or office. One tip about space heaters is to NEVER plug them into an extension or power cord. These can get overheated and are a leading cause of house fires in the winter. Be sure to plug it into the wall, or something that has enough wattage for it.

**Note: Never fall asleep with a heated blanket or space heater on! These can be very dangerous when left unattended.

  • Cook it up!

What a better way to stay warm than to feed yourself some great food! Kill two birds with one stone and have the heat from your stove heat your home. Stay warm and full this winter!

Thank you for reading these few tips on staying warm this winter without central heating. If it comes up that you don’t think you can’t afford it we offer financing through GreenSky®. We can get you set up for the best system for your budget and needs! But if we need to wait, try a few of these tips out. Comment below your favorite one, or let us know if you try one out! We’d love to hear from you.