These mistakes are as easy to do as 1, 2, 3! Let us Help you Fix Them!

We all seem to never have an idea of what to do when it comes to the temperature of our home when we go out of town. We’ve got some information to clear things up! Keep reading to see some common mistakes that are made when we leave. I know I’ve made these a few times. it’s an easy fix so, let’s make you an hvac expert!

1. Not leaving your Thermostat at a Lower Temperature when you Leave

Have you ever ran out of the door and left the house at the same temperature as if you were there? We’ve all had busy mornings, we get it. But if you can help it, we recommend having your thermostat set 8° lower. The reason being is that we do’t want you to be paying for heat when no one is home. Now you don’t have to change the temperature every single time you leave your home. It is recommended for when it will be unattended for 8 hours or more at a time.

If you believe that you will forget, or it is too much of a hassle to change it everyday, we’ve got a solution for you. Smart Thermostats are often programmable and you can have it do the work for you. Simply program what time and what temperature you want it at and it does the work for you. Personally, we have an entire smart system that can tell itself when it needs to be turned off. The Rheem R98V connect to your EcoNet Thermostats perfectly. This type of system also has an ENERGY STAR® Certification.

2. When you turn your heater up all the way it can make it take longer  to heat your home.

Furnaces and heaters have a cycle when it comes to heating. So, when you turn up the heater all the way, it can cause it to take longer to fully heat up. This is because they heat at a steady pace. So it’s going to take it some time to heat regardless, so you might as well let it do its own thing. When setting your thermostat you might as well just set it to your most desired temperature. This will save you energy and time.

3.  Not Setting your System to Auto when you Leave

When you leave a system running on the “on” setting, it will constantly run even when the heater or air conditioner kicks on. This wastes energy. Instead of leaving your system on, turn it to auto. Your system will turn off automatically when it is no longer needed and has reached your set temperature.


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