FilterFetch: The Right Filter, Delivered.

How long has it been since you’ve changed your air filter? If you can’t remember, you aren’t alone like thousands of other people, they’ve forgotten to change their filters as well. For those of you busy bees, a filter change is simply just not number one on your priority list. Let me tell you about FilterFetch. FilterFetch is a convenient air filter home delivery service. This is as easy as ordering your lunch on Postmates and UberEats! Wanting to order filters? Then keep reading.

Why Choose FilterFetch?

If you want your air conditioning and heating system to work efficiently it’s important to change your filter every month. Especially in this West Texas climate, there is dirt and debris everywhere. You don’t want your family and pets breathing air that’s been passed through a filthy filter. A lot of people don’t realize that a simple filter can lead to a system failure. Get a peace of mind that your system is not going to fail because of your filter anytime soon. It is PROVEN that systems last longer with regular maintenance AND regular filter changes!

Of course, we all get carried away with life and can forget to do some of the most simple tasks around the house. This service is perfect for those who need something taken off of their plate. Why risk forgetting to change your filter when you can sign up easily with HVAC Experts and FilterFetch?

How to Start

  1. Simply go to https://filterfetch.com/contractor-link/CBDV
  2. Enter: CBDV in the Code box
  3. Simply enter what size you need
  4. Choose from THOUSANDS of filter options to find your perfect match
  5. Choose the frequency of which your filters will be delivered *We recommend every month*
  6. Enter shipping and payment information
  7. Enjoy having more more thing off of your already busy schedule!


You aren’t just getting some cheap filter that you can get anywhere. You will always get Commercial grade quality filters. They also offer higher MERV rated filters. Not only do you skip the hassle of going to the store, but you also get higher quality filters. You also skip the big price markup from the big stores. Delivery is free and from the time you place your first order, you should have your filter within five days! This is a super CONVENIENT delivery system that can get you filters at a frequency that you are comfortable with. This can automatically renew every year, or you can opt out at any time!

Sign up now by clicking here. This is your easiest option on ordering hvac filters online. Or call HVAC Experts at 432-272-5636 to have a step by step walk through over the phone. We’d be happy to assist you. Why call anyone else, when you can call the Experts? We are waiting for your call for air conditioning repairs in Odessa, Midland, Ft. Stockton, Pecos, Monahans and surrounding areas.

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