Indoor Air Quality Products to Protect you from Viruses and more

Fellow West Texans, we realize that the Coronavirus has become more impactful around us, putting us into a pandemic. A pivotal value of our company is on the education of our customers, and we have received many calls and messages inquiring about different products that can help with  COVID 19. We have products that destroy viruses, bacteria, mold allergens, and other pathogens in your home 24/7. We are not trying to “capitalize” on the events around us, our company simply want to inform you on some things that could help you out in these times, that you probably don’t even know exist. Additionally, I should mention these are the exact products I have installed in my home and offices for the benefit of our team members. If you are interested in getting one of these products installed in your home/ office, contact us as soon as possible to be scheduled.

Reme Halo 

The Reme Halo is an in duct air purifying system that works from the inside out. This has often been referred to as the “flu shot for your home!” Those with allergies, pets, compromised immune systems and anyone ready for a higher IAQ, this is for you. It removes pollutants and sends ionized oxidizers directly to the source. This product is also great for those with pets, children and allergies. It uses six technologies to remove all of these pollutants from the air you breathe. The first being PHI, PCO, Bi-polar, UV, Hydrophillic, and Cold Plasma. This is also Eco-friendly as it only uses around 13 watts. No extra tools are needed for servicing the technology. Along with this you’d be getting a manufacture’s warranty for five years. You can click here for an entirely new blog about this IAQ product.  


Foobot is an IAQ monitor. It can smell the invisible, odorless pollutants in your environment and makes them visible through its LED display. In one glance, the color and its glow will let you know whether your air feels more like a forest in the Alps or a freeway in L.A. Setting up the application on your phone is super simple. All you do is plug the Foobot in, and download the app! In the Foobot app, you can actually get the air quality details of your home. Foobot can discover the harmful, invisible, and odorless pollutants lurking in your home. This allows you to visualize your overall air quality level through a small monitor display. This will indicate the glowing effect which we have mentioned earlier. It tells your fan to kick on and start circulating when it detects your IAQ is slipping and also send an alert to your phone. Learn more


Polarized Media Air Filter 

Dynamic Air Cleaners are high-efficiency whole-house electronic air cleaners with an equivalency rating of MERV 13. As tiny sub-micron particles and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) pass through the central heating and cooling system, they become polarized. The polarized particles get larger as they join together with other polarized particles and collect on a disposable low-static polarized media pad with an activated charcoal center screen. With these, you only need to change the media every three months. This is more than just your regular pleated filter, it’s an investment into breathing cleaner air. Learn more

Series 3 UVC Systems 

Have you ever looked outside and in the sun beams you see particles of dust flying around? The air in your home can be comparable to this. This UVC system can kill a lot of common VOCs in the air in your home, before it is circulated. Once the viruses, mold spores, and other pathogens reach the part of your return air handler, they will come in contact with the UVC lamp. Once it comes into contact with the lamp, it is them eradicated and no longer in your air. This not only destroys that, but also unwanted smells.



More Tips 

  • Wash your hands for at least 30 seconds. Sing the chorus of “Jolene” if you’re tired of singing “Happy Birthday” twice!
  • Cover your cough and sneezes
  • Disinfect surfaces around your home and office
  • Do not use your hand to touch door handles, try to use your elbow to push instead
  • Clean all grilles and intake vents with a clorox or lysol wipe. This will help with dirt and dust from being sucked into your furnace and air conditioning system.

Need Further Information? 

We regularly install these products to help eradicate allergens, VOCs, bacteria, and other viruses outside COVID 19. So there is an excellent value to having one in your home outside of the current pandemic we are facing.
On behalf of our company, we wish you and yours good health and safety during this pandemic. As of now, we our operations are running as normal. We have heightened our sanitation standards and have ensured that all of our technicians are in good health. For any questions or concerns you can give the office a call at 432-272-5636.