COVID 19 Relief: FREE help with your HVAC

There is no doubt that these are tough times. With COVID and the oilfield bust, we know that times can be tough right now. Your heating and air conditioning can still go out at anytime. We would like to help those who aren’t able to afford an air conditioning repair or service call at this time.

We have created a new free service called “Tell a Tech.” If your unit is down, not running properly, or you simply want some guidance on some of our indoor air quality products we provide that can help combat viruses and bacteria, we can give you advice. Please call us at 432-606-9787 to get you set up to speak to one of our experts on air conditioning advice. We offer an array of IAQ products that can help with viruses to bacteria and mold spores hiding in your central heating and air conditioning system. Click here for more information. This offer is to those in Odessa, Midland, the surrounding areas of the Permian Basin and more!

We understand people are needing help and may not afford our services, so this is our way of lending a helping hand! Please forward this on to others, so we can help them as well in this time of crisis. You can find us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube for more resources. Again, if there are any questions regarding this service please give us a call at 432-606-9787. We are here to help and are available to you 24/7. From all of us at HVAC Experts, we wish you good health and safety.


Tell a Tech is a free service for those in need of service and can’t afford it. For instance those needing a heating or ac repair, maintenance or help troubleshooting. Although we can’t physically go out and diagnose it for free, we are able to give you HELP over the phone. Please note that no diagnosis by us will be made, we are only going to give advice over the phone for your problem. We can also give you some great information on all of our indoor air quality products that we offer.


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