UVC Systems to Kill Viruses and Home Pollutants

If you care about your family’s health, then you care about the indoor air quality of your home. Now more than ever, we realize just how important it is to take every step on the er of caution. Not much is known about the novel COVID and the power needed to kill the virus. We aren’t able to claim to fully eradicate COVID 19 from your home. But what we can tell you is that there  are solutions that aide in the fight to minimize it. For the best practices against COVID 19, please see the CDC guidelines and recommendations.  In addition to practicing daily hygiene habits, UVC systems are used to improve your air quality.

What is UVC? 

UVC is the common abbreviation used for Ultra violet light of the 250-260 mm wavelength. This is a powerful germicide which, given the right intensity, inactivates pathogens on a surface. “UVC lamps by themselves cannot guarantee sufficient intensity to kill organisms as they move by in the air-stream. While high-efficiency passive filters may capture pathogens, UVC cannot penetrate the dense media, allowing them to remain active.” (source 1)

We carry the most powerful residential UV lights on the market today which have the greatest sterilization and eradication rates. Take a look below to see how our UVV and UVC systems are able to eradicate chemicals, germs and pathogens. Although we cannot guarantee that someone will not get infected with a virus, we ought to tell you this. Given enough intensity, a properly installed UVC lamp will destroy airborne viruses in your HVAC system.

What Types of Pathogens do UVC Systems Kill

Our Clean Air Defense technologies deactivate and kill airborne viruses, germs and bacteria. These pathogens get circulated throughout your ventilation system and into every room of your home. We install these systems into your return or supply air handler in order to prevent them from being circulated throughout your home. As the air passes the UV light, they are sterilized and hindered inactive. These systems are also used to prevent the spread of viruses and germs in healthcare facilities and hospitals as well. So if f hospitals trust them, wouldn’t you want one in the comfort of your own home?

Listed below are indoor air contaminants

  1. Particles and Allergens: Dust, dander, smoke, hair and dust mite feces
  2. Germs and Infectious Agents: Viruses, bacteria, mold, Flu spores, pollen
  3. Chemical Gasses and Odors: Chemicals, pesticides, cleaning solutions, formaldehyde, benzene, VOCs (volatile organic compounds)

How Powerful our UVC lamps are

These lamps sterilize airborne viruses, bacteria and germs as they pass by the lamps. Thus making them harmless, inactive, and hindered incapable of reproducing. These Clean Air Defense high output UVC lamps are 3.3X more powerful than standard lamps. No harmful chemicals or sprays need to go into your environment because this will naturally disinfect your HVAC system 24/7.

Examples of how many micro watts it takes to “kill” some viruses are below. These are measured in micro watt seconds per square centimeter.:

Influenza- 6,600 micro watts to kill

Adeno Virus Type III: 4,500 micro watts to kill

Infectious Hepatitis: 8,000 micro watts to kill

As you can see, it takes a considerable amount of UVC to kill germs and bacteria. The infamous COVID has not yet been tested to see how many micro watts it would take to kill it. So there are several variable factors that factor into how effective these lamps are. As a result, we’ve come to terms that the more powerful a lamp is, the better the kill.

Does it Really Work 

We have had customers of all sorts fall in love with the way these systems make their homes and offices feel. Customers with asthma, kids, pets and autoimmune diseases are especially fit for these. When these systems are put to the test, they eradicate the germs and pollutants that cause allergies and sickness. As a result, your HVAC system will benefit from this too. This can lead to a longer lifespan of your unit and cause less maintenance that is needed.

Shown above is our single bulb UVV air system cleaner. We also offer dual and triple bulb UVV or UVC systems.

Our UVC systems come with a manufacturers lifetime warranty on electronics, 2-year warranty on lamps & 2 year long-life lamps.

Take a look at this powerful video to see just how effective this technology can be in your home.

(source 1: https://www.dynamicaqs.com/commercial/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=82&Itemid=199)


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