What Should be at the Top of your Spring Cleaning List: Your

HVAC System

To keep your home in top shape, clean your HVAC system bi-annually.

Spring is often a time where people deep clean and de-clutter their homes. One thing that might not even come to mind initially is your hvac system. Your hvac system is an essential system throughout your home and needs maintenance from time to time. Just like any other mechanical equipment it needs some TLC too. Not only does it catch dirt and dust, but it can catch some critters that you don’t want living in your air conditioning system. Keep reading to see what steps you can take to cleaning your heating and air conditioning system.

Cleaning your Furnace

  1. Your Furnace can often times be something that you don’t typically clean routinely, right? When you switch from using heat to cooling, always be sure to give it a good wipe down. You know that burnt smell that a furnace can give off when you do that initial start up? This can help in that. We recommend wiping down your furnace before you start it up as well. The excess dust can cause a number of issues such as a flame sensor not detecting heat properly.
  2. Even a dirty filter can stop airflow and seem like a bigger issue than it really is. We recommend replacing your filter every 30 days, or as needed. Remember your filter is touching all of the air that you breathe! You wouldn’t want your air going through what looks like a fuzzy blanket, would you?

Air Conditioning Cleaning

  1. Clean your condenser outside. When cleaning it you should make sure that the system is properly shut off. Your condenser should not have anything blocking airflow around it. Clear it of all debris, weeds and trash. You can use a water hose to give it a gentle spray to get it all clean. Warning: We do not recommend using a high powered pressure washer because it can damage the fins and bend them as they are easily bent. Avoid spraying the fan motor.
  2.  Clean your vents and intakes. Dust and dirt can get built up on here throughout the years and contaminate your air.
  3. Replace the batteries in your thermostat and smoke detectors. We also recommend replacing smoke alarm batteries twice a year if possible.
  4. Schedule a professional tune up and inspection. As dirt builds up it can cause problems that may go undetected to the typical homeowner. With thorough inspections with our professional equipment, an hvac technician can detect problems long before they happen. Our experts look at hundreds, if not thousands of systems throughout their years and have an eye for ensuring everything is running smoothly. Remember, the older your system the better it is to have it looked at. With any mechanical system it’s going to need some elbow grease and a polishing at one point, your HVAC is no different. We offer a maintenance plan that can assist you in this. It’s also known as the Diamond Club!



Preventative maintenance and cleanings save you money in the long run. If time is of an issue and life gets busy, we can do the preventative maintenance for you! That way you have more time to spend with the ones you love. We wouldn’t want a breakdown to occur when we could have prevented it and saved you both time and money.

For more information about HVAC annual preventative maintenance plan a.k.a our Diamond Club Membership click here, or call us at 432-272-5636.

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