Insulation Installation in  Odessa and all over West Texas


At HVAC Experts, we proudly deliver reliable HVAC services in Odessa and all over West Texas. Regular maintenance for your AC is vital, but have you considered the role that your attic insulation plays? The right insulation installation can make a huge difference, reducing your utility bills and keeping your home reliably comfortable.

The skilled technicians at HVAC Experts can provide you with durable, long-lasting, and safe insulation installation.


Keeping Your Home Cool and Comfortable

Having proper insulation, airflow, and moisture protection in your attic plays a role in regulating temperatures year-round. Of course, here in West Texas, the main concern is keeping cool in the summer. 

Our technicians have the necessary training, experience, and tools to ensure that your insulation installation is carried out just right. We take all of the proper steps to protect against unwanted issues later on, like deterioration or pest damage.


Why You Need Effective Insulation Installation

Having proper attic insulation can save you up to 20% on cooling and heating over the course of the year. It does so by preventing heat or cold from exiting through the top of your house. 

Not only does this save you money on bills, but it also reduces the load on your heating and cooling systems. Over time, this reduces the need for repairs for your HVAC systems.

The team at HVAC Experts will ensure that you get the appropriate level of insulation for our climate. Many older homes that already have attic insulation have poor insulation, with an insulation rating of R-15. You generally want around R-38 for the temperatures we get around here, with colder climates requiring R-49 or higher.


Time to Replace Your Insulation?

While your new insulation will be durable and long-lasting, nothing in your home lasts forever. Eventually, all attic insulation needs to be replaced. 

There are several key signs to watch out for to know when it’s time to have HVAC Experts look at your existing insulation. Any of the following symptoms can indicate that your insulation is damaged or inadequate:



Drafts throughout your home could be caused by inadequate or damaged insulation.


Mold and Mildew

Signs of mold and mildew on your ceilings could indicate moisture issues within your attic, possibly caused by poor insulation.



If you notice birds or other animals entering or exiting your roof, they very well might have caused damage to your insulation.


High Energy Bills

Energy bills that are higher than the previous seasons could be caused by additional strain on your HVAC systems due to faulty insulation or a need for maintenance and repairs.


Inconsistent Temperatures

The shifting temperatures within your attic can cause inconsistent temperatures throughout your home if insulation isn’t isolating the space properly.

If you think your attic may need new insulation, you can call HVAC Experts to take a look today.


An Insulation Installation Team You Can Count On

HVAC Experts is your top choice for HVAC services here in Odessa and across West Texas, and that includes reliable attic insulation installation! 

We’re a second-generation family business dedicated to bringing you the highest quality service. Call us today to schedule an appointment, and our expert technicians will handle your installation quickly, safely, and reliably.