HVAC Services in Pecos, TX

The HVAC system of a home is integral for the comfort and safety of its occupants. These systems are meant to work seamlessly and provide comfort indoors, no matter the temperature outdoors. Although they last around twenty years, this does not mean they will not be without problems. When issues arise, homeowners in Pecos rely on HVAC Experts for all their repair and installation needs. With our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, there is no reason anyone would want to rely on another company in the area. 


Understanding the Components of Your HVAC System

There are multiple parts to every HVAC system, but there are six that are highly important for its operation and your comfort. We want our customers to understand their systems and what to look for when problems begin to arise. 

  • The heat exchanger warms the air when your furnace is activated. It also absorbs heat. Every type of furnace has a heat exchanger, and it is critical for warming your home in winter. 
  • A blower motor is responsible for sending heated air into your ductwork so it can be delivered throughout the home. Variable speed blowers are popular choices for HVAC systems because they constantly monitor the flow of heat and adjust accordingly. 
  • The combustion chamber is where the heat is created. When this component is not working effectively, your home will be much colder. You may find there is no heat at all and only cold air coming out of the vents. 
  • Condenser coils and compressors are installed outdoors and they are an important part of the air conditioner or heat pump of a home. These devices help to cool the air that comes across the lines so cold air is delivered to your home. 
  • The thermostat allows homeowners to set a specific temperature for their home and the furnace and air conditioner will respond according to the settings. Homeowners can also program their HVAC system through the thermostat. 
  • An evaporator coil helps to keep your home cooler. It cools down the air that passes through the indoor unit and brings down the temperature rapidly. 


Our Services Are Second to None

We offer the HVAC Services homeowners in Pecos have been relying on for years. Our extensive services keep your system operating at its prime for as long as possible. Allow us to help extend the life of your HVAC system and protect your investment. 


AC Repair

The AC system in your home is vital for Texas summers. Without an AC, temperatures can rise unbelievably high inside the home in a short amount of time. Some of the common signs of AC repair issues include odd noises, changes in performance, a lack of cooling, and coolant leaks. Do not ignore the signs. Contact us now for repairs for your air conditioner. 


Furnace Repair

Dealing with furnace issues can be stressful, especially when they occur in the coldest month of the year, which is usually January for Texas residents. If your furnace is not putting out warm air or is acting strangely, allow our Certified HVAC Technician to come out and diagnose the system and provide the necessary repairs. We stand behind our work and promise your satisfaction through the entire process. 


Air Quality Assurance

You likely worry about the Indoor Air Quality of your home. Many homeowners do not realize how polluted their indoor air can be in modern homes. From cooking odors to cleaning fumes, a lack of air circulation can trap these contaminants inside and cause breathing difficulties. Allow us to test your indoor air and offer solutions if there are problems. 



The ductwork is undoubtedly an important component of any HVAC system. Without the ductwork, a system will not be able to deliver heated or cooled air throughout the home. Even a single hole in your ductwork can reduce the efficiency of the system. We will inspect all the ductwork, registers, and vents to ensure continuity and efficiency. We also provide ductwork repair and installation services. 


Contact Us Today

As you can see, we provide all the services homeowners in Pecos, TX need for their systems. We have many appointment times available, but also provide emergency services for our customers who are without heating and AC after hours or on weekends. If you need repairs, maintenance, or installation services, contact us right away. 

We are here to take away the stress and offer the extensive services you can rely on for all your needs. Contact us today with any questions or to schedule your service call.